From the Great British Bake Off to Slowly Matured Craft Cider


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Harefields Craft Cider is run by Davey Chambers. After staring on the first BBC series of the Great British Bake Off decorating cakes and baking artisan bread for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, he successfully launched Harefields Catering to bring high quality cooking to festivals. With a family orchard spanning three generations Davey launched Harefield Craft Cider in 2015.

‘I started making Cider with the crop from my Grandfather’s 30 apple trees…I had no idea there would be such a demand for our Craft Cider…everything we have ever made has sold out.’   Davey Chambers

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Harefields use only the finest British Cider apples. While many mass-produced Ciders contain as little as 35% apple juice, Harefields Craft Ciders contain 95-100%.

Craft Cider, worth its ‘wait’ in gold


Harefields Craft Cider are a limited batch seasonal cider producer who understand that some things can’t be rushed. All Harefields Ciders are matured for a minimum of six months. The Cidery has 50+ oak barrels and Jura Whisky casks to mature and add depth to the Ciders.

‘Craft Cider production is more like wine making than beer brewing, it’s an art form that’s seasonally changing  year on year.’  Davey Chambers




The response to the Craft Ciders has made the hard work worthwhile. Everything Harefields Cider have made has sold out.

Now in it’s third year, Harefields Cider has grown it’s production to over 60,000 litres and will expand to 135,000 litres next pressing season.

Harefields Craft Cider principles…

All Harefields craft ciders are matured for a minimum of six months.


95 -100%  apple juice in every pint of craft cider.


Harefields ciders are matured with no, or the absolute minimum amount of sulphites.


All their ciders are made with traditional vintage cider apple varieties.


Harefields encourage an initial ‘wild’ & secondary malolactic fermentation.


Harefields freshly presses 100% apple juice. They never use juice concentrates.

Cask Conditioned Craft Cider. English Cider