Craft Ciders, naturally fermented, slowly matured for exceptional taste.

Blended from the best British Apples, batch made. All Harefields ciders are limited editions, when they’re gone, they’re gone. So enjoy them while you can.

‘The legal minimum apple juice content to qualify as a cider is only 35%. Harefields Craft Ciders contain 95% – 100% apple juice.’ Dave Chambers

Boot and Shoe

A Medium Authentic Cider. Matured for 8 months under a natural fermentation.

Blisworth & Cider Apples create hints of Toffee Apple, Grapefruit and Butterscotch. ABV 5.8%

Charles Pinder

A Medium, Classic Cider. 4 Vintage Cider Apple varieties and controlled fermentation make for a very quaffable Cider. ABV 6.7%

‘We have kept as close to the pressing flavours as possible. A very appley easy-drinking Cider’ Dave Chambers

Blisworth Blighty.

Matured in Jura Whisky casks. 4 Apple varieties, Dabinet, Browns, Michelin & Yarlington Mill. A Sophisticated, mature Cider balancing Vintage Cider, Oakiness and Whisky flavours. ABV 5.8%

In 2016 Harefields produced xxx litres of Blisworth Blighty. It all sold out.

Nen not Neen

‘Named after the river Nene, pronounced Nen not Neen… it’s a Northants thing.’ Dave Chambers

A rich, full bodied, cask matured traditional Cider with hints of Toffee Apple. ABV 6%

Heavenly St Giles

Dry Traditional Cider. Oaky Cider which grows into hints of white wine with a pleasing, sharp finish. ABV 5.8%