Craft Ciders, naturally fermented & slowly matured for exceptional taste.

Harefields Ciders.

Batch made and blended from the best British apples. All Harefields ciders are limited editions; when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. So enjoy them while you can.

‘The legal minimum apple juice content to qualify as a cider is only 35%. Harefields Craft Ciders contain 95% – 100% apple juice.’ Davey Chambers

Most other cider makers inoculate their apple juice with sulphites, then add a foreign yeast. Harefields uses the naturally occurring yeast from the apples themselves.

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‘Crispin Crick (our current whisky cask) was blended with the ‘spirit’ of  Blisworth Blighty in mind, a previous whisky cask that is now completely sold out.’ Davey Chambers

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Harefields cider blends are all limited editions. They blend throughout the summer and into Autumn when the cider has fully matured and mellowed. More blends will be released shortly. But remember, when they are gone they are gone forever.

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