The Cidery

Welcome to the Harefields Cidery.

From Northamptonshire with love, here at the Cidery we take the best of British cider apples, press them and slowly let them ferment and mature into the finest Craft Ciders. With 50+ oak barrels for maturation, the Cidery will make over 82,000 litres of Cider this year.

‘All our craft ciders are fermented and matured for a minimum of six months.’ Davey Chambers

It’s been a busy year at the Cidery. 2017/ 18 saw the arrival of 100 tons of cider apples from Herefordshire, a 3000ltr stainless steel blending tank from Ireland, a tube in tube ‘flash’ pasturiser from Austria, an automated bag in box filling machine from Slovenia, more whisky casks from Scotland and wine barrels from France. It’s an exciting time watching the capacity grow as the Northamptonshire Cidery expands.


Two and a bit years ago I had one barrel and a handful of demi Johns in my garage at home. Now we have a cidery building and production of 60,000+ litres.’ Davey Chambers